Alumni Spotlight: Laine Nooney

“No single computer changed the world, but computer pain has changed us all”: This week, as we wrap up a third consecutive semester experienced online more than in person, we feature a recent publication by alum Laine Nooney (MA ’06) on the embodied history of computing. As Nooney explains in “How the Personal Computer Broke … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Laine Nooney

Alumni Spotlight: Brooke Williams

At 5:15 a.m., I wake up and tiptoe over my two and half year old who has made her way onto a puppy-shaped sleeping bag beside our bed. By six a.m., I’m out the door and on the road, heading to a one stop-light kind of town about seventy-five miles north of the city. You … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Brooke Williams

Alumni Spotlight: Dustin Vann

Generally speaking, the final semester of graduate school should be an exciting time in one’s academic career. Though there’s still work to be done — projects to defend; jobs and PhD programs to apply for — all that hard work will pay off. You’ll get to celebrate the end of one chapter with friends and … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Dustin Vann

Alumni Connections, 2013 and 2020

Since 2005, the English Department has hosted an alumni career panel to connect our current students with the expertise and life experiences of our alumni. Alumni Connections was initially inspired by a project that Greg Eiselein, in his previous role as Director of Graduate Studies, was completing for our graduate program. The event soon expanded, … Continue reading Alumni Connections, 2013 and 2020

Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Olsen

During my second year in the English Master’s program at K-State, I gave an incoming graduate student named Jarrod McCartney (MA ‘09) a tour. Four years later, I married that graduate student and made use of my degree as an English Language Program teacher, writing center director, and English teacher at a two-year college. We … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Olsen

Alumni Spotlight: Jarrod McCartney

If someone would have told me when I graduated from Red Cloud High School in Red Cloud, NE (pop. 1020) in 1998 that the 40 year-old version of me would be working in my hometown, I would have been dismayed. “What catastrophe could possibly have happened to put me in such a situation?” is what … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Jarrod McCartney

Alumni Spotlight: Sea Sharp

  Like so many in my graduating class, when I graduated from Kansas State University in 2010, the very first thing I decided to do with my life was “get the heck outta Dodge.” Unlike the majority of my college peers though, I moved to Manhattan, Kansas when I was twelve years old, so naturally … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Sea Sharp

Alumni Spotlight: Brenna Leahy

I love the library, but it is possible the library doesn’t love me back. Two weeks after I was hired to be the communications student for K-State Libraries, Hale Library caught on fire and was shut down for repairs for an indefinite amount of time. I definitely expected to receive an email telling me that … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Brenna Leahy

Alumni Spotlight: Macy Davis

“Now that I live in Boston for grad school and Greta Gerwig’s 2019 adaptation of Little Women was just nominated for Best Picture, it seemed an ideal time to return to Concord and Little Women“: This week, as the awards season bestows accolades and throws shade at the most recent adaptation of Alcott’s Little Women, … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Macy Davis

Alumni Spotlight: Melissa Prescott

  For the past two and a half years, I have and continue to serve a dual role at a small private school as a special needs teacher and behavior therapist for students with severe autism among other medical conditions. While the teaching component is a clear parallel to my time as a GTA with … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Melissa Prescott