Undergrad Student Spotlight: Macy Davis

As a senior in high school, I thought about going to KU. That thought flew out the door the first time I sat in Naomi Woods’ office to discuss what being an English major at K-State would be like. While I was talking about books with Naomi, she recommended Un Lun Dun by China Miéville … Continue reading Undergrad Student Spotlight: Macy Davis

Undergrad Spotlight: Sean and Zach Lawless

English majors in creative writing Sean Lawless (BA ’19) and Zach Lawless (BA ’19) spent a month last summer using their creative writing skills at VeracityColab, a video agency in Orange County, California. They wrote video copy on tight deadlines and contributed to the creative teams producing videos for a range of organizations. Among their … Continue reading Undergrad Spotlight: Sean and Zach Lawless