2022 Holiday Card

Teri Jacques (BA ’23) celebrates writing the final poem for our Poet-in-the-Box at the 2022 All-University Open House

Each year, we assemble an end-of-year card for our donors and friends, seeking input from our faculty and students — and, as of 2020, from you, our readers!

Below are twelve images that have been popular on our social media platforms this year and that capture some of the people, events, and experiences of 2022.

Visit tinyurl.com/2022holidaycardselection by this Friday (December 16) at 11:59pm CT to share your ranked preferences.

The top six images — along with some other highlights — will appear on our 2022 holiday card, which will arrive to the mailboxes of our friends and donors in early January and appear on our social media platforms soon after.

Thank you in advance for your help!

With best wishes for a restful and healthy holiday season —

Karin Westman, Department Head

Option 1: Traci Brimhall is appointed as the next Poet Laureate of Kansas

Option 2: Kinsley Searles (MA ’24) and Bailey Britton (BA ’22) present their research at the Western Literature Association Conference

Option 3: Adrien Sdao (MA ’23), Cecilia Pick (MA ’23), and Natalie Liptak (MA ’23) present at the 2022 Graduate Literature Symposium, chaired by Shirley Tung on behalf of the Literature Track

Option 4: Faculty and grad students share their expertise at “#Shakespeare After Shakespeare” at the Manhattan Arts Center before the opening night production of The Book of Will

Option 5: Hunter Scott (MA ’22) and his M.A. committee following his successful defense

Option 6: English Department faculty and alumni attend the 2022 Children’s Literature Association (ChLA) Conference

Option 7: Faculty from team Iambic Kilometer after the 2022 Juneteenth 5k run

Option 8: Abby Knoblauch celebrates the publication of her co-edited book

Option 9: Teri Jacques (BA ’23) celebrates writing the final poem for our Poet-in-the-Box at the 2022 All-University Open House

Option 10: Our first in-person SAGE Welcome Back Party for faculty and graduate students since 2019

Option 11: Students enjoy our Fall 2022 Undergraduate Open House

Option 12: The young writers and staff of our 2022 Young Writers’ Workshop having fun on the last day

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