Love Letters to Mary Shelley

The Kansas State English Department celebrated Valentine's Day in the traditional way — you know, by talking about a creature with a stolen heart. In five short talks marking the bicentennial of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, K-State graduate students and faculty members expressed their love for this groundbreaking work, examined the book's ongoing cultural resonance, and … Continue reading Love Letters to Mary Shelley

Grad Student Spotlight: Brittany Roberts

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I’m obsessed with fairy tales—particularly with animal/monster groom tales. Using a paper I wrote for the lovely Anne Philips during my undergrad as the background for my graduate project, I have taken my love of fairy tales to a new level. My project focuses on two 21st-century … Continue reading Grad Student Spotlight: Brittany Roberts

Grad Student Spotlight: Mandy Moore

  As a person, I spend most of my time watching way too much television and reading way too much fanfiction. As a scholar…I do pretty much the exact same thing. Most of my research centers around how young people (and particularly young people with marginalized identities) are represented in YA literature and on television, … Continue reading Grad Student Spotlight: Mandy Moore

Forget the Super Bowl: Here are Some Super Writers

Another Super Bowl has come and gone, and we're pretty sure the "Dirty Dancing" ad won? We're just kidding, Eagles fans! We know all about the actual game. Despite those "sportsball" jokes you see spinning around some English departments, the words of literature and the world of sports come together more often than you think. In fact, … Continue reading Forget the Super Bowl: Here are Some Super Writers

A Strong Foundation

Jennifer Brown (B.A. ‘93, M.A. ‘95), Jera McGraw (B.A. ‘98), Carly Stithem (B.A. ‘14, M.A. ‘16), and Brooke Williams (M.A. ‘11) share their career paths at the 2017 Alumni Connections Career Panel. When completing our 2017 Alumni Survey, graduates could signal interest in assisting us with a career panel or online visit for graduate and … Continue reading A Strong Foundation

Alumni Spotlight: R. Dean Johnson

There’s this troubling question I’ve been getting since my second book came out. Maybe I should have seen it coming, but my first book, which is stories and not a novel, came out with a small press and didn’t get the fanfare. There were no interviews or Q&As at reading events. So I was caught … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: R. Dean Johnson

Grad Student Spotlight: Peter Williams

For my M.A. thesis, I'm writing a novella, a political thriller set in Kansas, which is a goofy idea. Not because political threat isn’t real in Kansas, but because no one ever writes political thrillers set in Kansas! It follows a guy named Hollis—the assistant campaign manager to a congressman who is running for governor. … Continue reading Grad Student Spotlight: Peter Williams