ChLA Conference 2021

14 of the 17 faculty, graduate students, and alumni who presented at the 2021 Children's Literature Association (ChLA) Conference, 9-13 June 2021. The Children's Literature Association (ChLA) Conference looked a bit different for 2021, as Covid-19 continued to exercise its influence over professional events -- and so did our annual group photo of faculty, students, … Continue reading ChLA Conference 2021

Alumni Spotlight: Laine Nooney

From Denise Austin's Tone Up at the Terminals (c.1987-8), included in Laine Nooney's essay "How the Personal Computer Broke the Human Body" (Vice, 12 May 2021) "No single computer changed the world, but computer pain has changed us all": This week, as we wrap up a third consecutive semester experienced online more than in person, … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Laine Nooney

Found Object: Annual Awards Banquet, 2012

Location: Department digital files.Object: Photo of Dan Hornsby (BA '12), Katy Karlin, and Emi Griess (MA '12) at the English Department's Annual Awards Banquet (4 May 2012)Observations: 1) Usually, as April ends and May begins, we're getting ready to welcome students, families, faculty, and donors to our Awards Banquet. For a second year, though, COVID-19 … Continue reading Found Object: Annual Awards Banquet, 2012

Our Thanks to Tim Dayton and Jim Machor

  Last week, we celebrated the contributions of Tim Dayton and Jim Machor, two of our faculty members who are retiring this May after 30 years of service to Kansas State. Our celebration was, of course, on Zoom, thanks to the continued challenges of the COVID pandemic. We debuted the official retirement citations below and … Continue reading Our Thanks to Tim Dayton and Jim Machor

Alumni Spotlight: Brooke Williams

Brooke Williams (MA '11) sits with Willie the Wildcat in the K-State Student Union on a visit to K-State's campus to participate in the 2017 Alumni Career Panel. At 5:15 a.m., I wake up and tiptoe over my two and half year old who has made her way onto a puppy-shaped sleeping bag beside our … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Brooke Williams

Found Object: Writing Center Conference, 2010

Location: Deborah Murray's phone.Object: Photo of K-State English faculty and students at the IWCA/NCPTW Conference, Baltimore, MD, November 2010.Observations: 1) So many familiar faces in this photo! Thanks to social media and email, we've been able to keep in touch with many of the alums pictured here. 2) So many people standing so close together … Continue reading Found Object: Writing Center Conference, 2010

Alumni Spotlight: Dustin Vann

Dustin Vann (BA '16, MA '20) Generally speaking, the final semester of graduate school should be an exciting time in one’s academic career. Though there’s stillwork to be done — projects to defend; jobs and PhD programs to apply for — all that hard work will pay off. You’ll get to celebrate the end of … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Dustin Vann

Disposition Awareness and Student Success

Kelsey Hixson-Bowles (BA '12, MA '14) An upside of all the downsides of the pandemic? Once we realized we could teach and tutor via Zoom, we also realized we could use Zoom to connect with some of our visiting writers, scholars, and alumni — even those in different time zones. The Writing Center staff invited … Continue reading Disposition Awareness and Student Success

Our Thanks to Robin Mosher

Robin Mosher (right) with Deborah Murray (left) at the department's Annual Awards Banquet ~ May 2011   Just as the Fall 2020 semester started, instructor Robin Mosher retired after almost 40 years teaching at Kansas State. We wanted to take a moment, as the fall semester and calendar year end, to recognize Robin's important contributions … Continue reading Our Thanks to Robin Mosher

Alumni Connections, 2013 and 2020

Our panelists for the 2013 Alumni Connections career panel, left to right: Jimbo Ivy (BA '10), Toni Tadolini (MA '07), Sarah Caldwell Hancock (BA '94, MA '96), Michelle Haupt (BA '93), and Alyssa Dawson (MA '10) Since 2005, the English Department has hosted an alumni career panel to connect our current students with the expertise … Continue reading Alumni Connections, 2013 and 2020