Alumni Spotlight: R. Dean Johnson

There’s this troubling question I’ve been getting since my second book came out. Maybe I should have seen it coming, but my first book, which is stories and not a novel, came out with a small press and didn’t get the fanfare. There were no interviews or Q&As at reading events. So I was caught … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: R. Dean Johnson

Grad Student Spotlight: Peter Williams

For my M.A. thesis, I'm writing a novella, a political thriller set in Kansas, which is a goofy idea. Not because political threat isn’t real in Kansas, but because no one ever writes political thrillers set in Kansas! It follows a guy named Hollis—the assistant campaign manager to a congressman who is running for governor. … Continue reading Grad Student Spotlight: Peter Williams

Shelfie Thursday: Kimball Smith

  Books may furnish a room, but it’s the shelves that provide the key to happiness. Where books give you all the intensive pleasures of reading and analysis, bookshelves offer the calmer joys of meditation and reflection. Let your eyes drift over the titles, the play of colors, the passing moments of nostalgia or recollection … Continue reading Shelfie Thursday: Kimball Smith

Meet the New Grad Students

Nineteen new graduate students joined the Kansas State English Department this fall. They came from California and Kansas and Illinois and Missouri. They came to read books and take names. (We promise they will never run out of books.) From left, Latrice Ferguson, Karla Larrañaga, Katie Hall, and Alyssa Cook. Name: Latrice Ferguson Hometown: Chicago … Continue reading Meet the New Grad Students