Undergrad Spotlight: Sean and Zach Lawless

English majors in creative writing Sean Lawless (BA '19) and Zach Lawless (BA '19) spent a month last summer using their creative writing skills at VeracityColab, a video agency in Orange County, California. They wrote video copy on tight deadlines and contributed to the creative teams producing videos for a range of organizations. Among their … Continue reading Undergrad Spotlight: Sean and Zach Lawless

Grad Student Spotlight: Maddie Pospisil

I’m leading a bit of a double life these days. I am, of course, reading literature—poetry, fiction, and, this semester, a ton of theory (thanks Dr. González). But I’m also working on a collection of poems for my master's project, which has lately meant learning as much as I can about particle physics. I just … Continue reading Grad Student Spotlight: Maddie Pospisil

Alumni Spotlight: Miranda Asebedo

  "I grew up in rural Kansas, and as a teen reader, I was always disappointed that books were rarely set in a place that was recognizable to me": This week, we feature an online interview with Miranda Asebedo (BA '07, MA '09), who has just published her first novel, The Deepest Roots, with HarperTeen. … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Miranda Asebedo

The National Book Award’s Fiction Longlist

Two writers who recently visited Kansas State made the 10-writer longlist for the 2018 National Book Award in Fiction. Hell yeah, I cheered. Rebecca Makkai visited Kansas State in March of 2012. At that point, I considered her one of the modern masters of the short story (I'm not alone in that assessment: her stories once … Continue reading The National Book Award’s Fiction Longlist

Summer Study in Ecuador

Over the summer I went to the Equator where the sun rises straight up and twelve hours later it sets straight down, like it really means it. Always. I went to the ancient city of Quito, high in the Andes, where a Franciscan church from the brutal Spanish colonial period lies above an Incan temple … Continue reading Summer Study in Ecuador

Meet the New Grad Students

They've made it (almost) though their first week of grad school at Kansas State, so please meet and welcome and maybe even buy a drink for our new group of English graduate students --   Name: Katie Cline Hometown: Jacksonville, Alabama Alma mater: Jacksonville State University Area of study: Children’s Literature Please tell us something … Continue reading Meet the New Grad Students

2017-2018 Annual Awards Banquet

Last Saturday, May 5, we celebrated student and faculty success at our 2017-2018 Annual Awards Banquet. We'll have photos soon from Autumn Shoemaker (BS '10, Journalism Mass Comm), but for now, here are our award recipients.  (Information about the student awards below is available from our department's web site.) Brink Memorial Essay Award: Jackson Wright … Continue reading 2017-2018 Annual Awards Banquet

Creation Nation: A Week in the Advanced Poetry Classroom

In the ENGL 663 "Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry" class this semester, we have focused on developing a reading practice, a writing practice, and a strong sense of community. We’ve written fan letters to the poets we’ve read; students have taught great books to each other through a variety of exercises; and we have written and … Continue reading Creation Nation: A Week in the Advanced Poetry Classroom