Meet the New Grad Students

Rachel Wrobel (left), Taylee Helms (middle), and Stacy Vars (right). Name: Rachel Wrobel Hometown: Overland Park Alma mater: Kansas State University Area of study: Composition and Rhetoric If you could transform briefly into a literary character (other than a member of the Harry Potter universe), who would you want to become? I would turn into Lady Macbeth … Continue reading Meet the New Grad Students

SUROP 2019: Following the Trail of the Exodusters

  For the past eight weeks, we have enjoyed the company and research talents of Kaiya Thompson (BA ’21, English, Spelman College). As we shared in an earlier post, Kaiya joined us as part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (SUROP) sponsored by the Graduate School at Kansas State. This morning, Kaiya presented highlights … Continue reading SUROP 2019: Following the Trail of the Exodusters

Summer Reading — Had Me a Blast

We asked various members and friends of the K-State English Department a couple of key summer questions. For example, can we start wearing our all-white Tom Wolfe-inspired suit again? Nobody, sadly wanted to weigh in on that, but everyone had big, splashy ideas for these two questions: What makes a great summer read? What summer read … Continue reading Summer Reading — Had Me a Blast

2018-2019 Annual Awards Banquet

Last Saturday, May 11, we celebrated student and faculty success at our 2018-2019 Annual Awards Banquet. We'll have photos soon from Kristen Schweitzer (K-State alumna in Biology and in Curriculum and Instruction), but for now, here are our award recipients.  (Information about the student awards below is available from our department's web site.) Brink Memorial … Continue reading 2018-2019 Annual Awards Banquet

Alumni Spotlight: David Murphy

Sometimes our alumni stay in Kansas to forge their professional path; sometimes they travel the world. David Murphy (MA '08) has traveled the world -- thanks, in part, to his M.A. in English from Kansas State, as he explains below. David's employment history illustrates the various and complementary careers that our graduates pursue, some of … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: David Murphy

Dispatches from #AWP19

K-State English was well-represented at the 2019 Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Conference last weekend in Portland, Oregon. Below are some dispatches from AWP#19 to join the ones we posted last year from AWP#18.   Of all the amazing panels and readings — and there were many this year in Portland, Oregon — … Continue reading Dispatches from #AWP19

Text Questing in Advanced Poetry

We have rad libraries and librarians. In my ENGL 663 “Advanced Poetry” class this semester, all the books we are reading interact with another text in some way. One features epigraphs from original versions of fairy tales, one uses historical medical records, and one uses the New York Times science column to create poems. Students … Continue reading Text Questing in Advanced Poetry