Alumni Spotlight: Steven Tolson

Steven Tolson (MA '10) In 2022, I was invited to speak on an alumni panel to current K-State English students and faculty. What follows is an adapted version of that discussion. How did I end up in Kansas? My partner and I applied to Master's programs all over the country, and K-State gave us the … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Steven Tolson

Undergrad Student Spotlight: Riley Dandurand

Program cover for the 2023 Midwest Writing Center Association Conference This year’s Midwest Writing Center Association conference theme was “Gateways Reimagined: Transforming Perspectives in the Writing Center.” With such a broad topic it was interesting to see the different ways that people “reimagined” the writing center as a gateway. For instance, some presenters imagined the … Continue reading Undergrad Student Spotlight: Riley Dandurand

Grad Wildcats Write: Writing Groups, Community Building, and an Invitation to Join Us

“Collaborative workshops and writers' peer groups hadn't been invented when I was young. They're a wonderful invention. They put the writer into a community of people all working at the same art, the kind of group musicians and painters and dancers have always had.”  ― Ursula K. Le Guin, Steering the Craft: Exercises and Discussions … Continue reading Grad Wildcats Write: Writing Groups, Community Building, and an Invitation to Join Us

Found Object: Writing Center Conference, 2010

Location: Deborah Murray's phone.Object: Photo of K-State English faculty and students at the IWCA/NCPTW Conference, Baltimore, MD, November 2010.Observations: 1) So many familiar faces in this photo! Thanks to social media and email, we've been able to keep in touch with many of the alums pictured here. 2) So many people standing so close together … Continue reading Found Object: Writing Center Conference, 2010

The Writing Must Go On!

A new Canvas module for the Writing Center (Fall 2020) As the K-State community begins the “semester like no other” (to quote a recent Town Hall speech from President Myers), at least one thing hasn’t changed: many students will have a lot of writing to do this fall. Faculty well know—often from personal experience—that the … Continue reading The Writing Must Go On!