Undergrad Student Spotlight: Makaela Stevens

Makaela Stevens (BA '22) If you’d asked me back in 2015 where I’d be in five years, I might have told you that I’d be attending Kansas State University, and I would’ve been correct. I might have told you that I’d be an English major, and I would’ve been right again. But if you’d asked … Continue reading Undergrad Student Spotlight: Makaela Stevens

Kansas State Indigenous Peoples Day and So Much More

On Monday, October 12, 2020, the Kansas State Indigenous Faculty and Staff Alliance hosted their fifth annual Indigenous Peoples Day Symposium. It comes in a season of compelling events, including a live art performance by artist/activist Bunky Echo-Hawk (Yakama/Pawnee), which was part of K-State’s KSUnite programming on Tuesday, October 13, and, looking forward, the upcoming … Continue reading Kansas State Indigenous Peoples Day and So Much More

Grad Student Spotlight: Monica Kopenhaver

Many critics believe that the intellectual pursuits of William Faulkner and Ralph Waldo Emerson remain distinct. Emerson optimistically embraces the present, while the past imprisons many of Faulkner’s characters and even Faulkner himself. Quentin Compson, a profoundly troubled young man in the Sound and the Fury, relives his past until it kills him. But in wanders Lena … Continue reading Grad Student Spotlight: Monica Kopenhaver

September 2020 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Cover for the special issue of The Chaucer Review (vol. 55, no. 4, 2020) co-edited by Wendy Matlock.     Each month during the academic year, we assemble a newsletter of the department's recent publications, presentations, announcements, and awards. As COVID-19 continues, we continue to direct significant energies towards teaching fall courses and to supporting … Continue reading September 2020 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Olsen

Rachel Olsen (MA '08) During my second year in the English Master’s program at K-State, I gave an incoming graduate student named Jarrod McCartney (MA ‘09) a tour. Four years later, I married that graduate student and made use of my degree as an English Language Program teacher, writing center director, and English teacher at … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Olsen

Zoom vs. Reality

Phil Nel, Professor Inspired by a Tweet from Dr. Gretchen Goldman -- "Just so I'm being honest," she wrote, sharing a side-by-side photo of herself on camera and the space she's speaking from -- we offer some of our own "Zoom vs. Reality" moments from K-State English as we continue to navigate our current COVID-19 … Continue reading Zoom vs. Reality

Found Object: Fall Display

Location: English Department Main Office, ECS Building.Object: Bulletin board display created by student office assistant Rhianna Thomas (BA '23, Political Science)Observations: 1) Our main office staff decorates the bulletin boards in the English Department office throughout the year, adjusting the images and captions for each season. 2) This month, Rhianna took the lead for the … Continue reading Found Object: Fall Display

Sigma Tau Delta Celebrates Banned Books Week 2020

Banned Books Week 2020 (Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association) Harry Potter. To Kill a Mockingbird. The Hate U Give. The list goes on and on. Believe it or not, these are all banned books! This year Banned Books Week runs September 27-October 3. The week in honor of censored books began in 1982 … Continue reading Sigma Tau Delta Celebrates Banned Books Week 2020

Mask Up!

Monica Kopenhaver (MA '21) and Amy Levin Plattner (MA '21) with Biscuit COVID-19 has brought many changes to our everyday lives this year, including a new accessory. In support of K-State's new policy regarding face coverings and the City of Manhattan's mask requirement, here are some faculty and graduate students of the Kansas State English … Continue reading Mask Up!

#keatscore Mood Boards

The #keatscore mood board that Hannah Rollison (MA '22) created for ENGL 801 "Introduction to Graduate Studies" This fall semester, our M.A. students in ENGL 801 "Introduction to Graduate Studies" are reading and discussing John Keats's ode "To Autumn" as they enhance their skills at close reading. Also this fall semester, during COVID-19, we are … Continue reading #keatscore Mood Boards