February 2021 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Cover for A History of American Literature and Culture of the First World War (Cambridge UP, 2021), co-edited by Tim Dayton.   Each month during the academic year, we assemble a newsletter of the department's recent publications, presentations, announcements, and awards. As COVID-19 continues, we continue to direct substantial energies towards teaching and to supporting … Continue reading February 2021 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Virtual Open House 2021

After cancellation due to COVID-19 last spring, K-State's annual Open House is back for 2021 -- and K-State English is ready! Our theme is "Poetry in Motion" in honor of National Poetry Month and the virtual space for this year's Open House: What makes the heart of a poem tick? Why do its rhymes resonate? … Continue reading Virtual Open House 2021

Humanities Hotline with Mary Kohn

"The toll-free Humanities Hotline delivers interesting short stories anytime, day or night. It’s simple: Dial 1-888-416-2018 and choose from a menu of humanities highlights" (Humanities Kansas web site) So much programming over the last year has focused on creating online events. These events have held communities together and even widened our networks in some cases. … Continue reading Humanities Hotline with Mary Kohn

Undergraduate Poetry Reviews: Sean Hill

Poet Sean Hill reads from his work (19 Feb 2021) Visiting Writer Sean Hill made multiple appearances for K-State students this year, despite the COVID pandemic’s cancellation of his in-person visit to campus. Students were studying his collection Dangerous Goods, especially the way historic research feeds his poems, both in their formal composition — using … Continue reading Undergraduate Poetry Reviews: Sean Hill

Found Object: 1979 Publicity

Location: File cabinet with Grad Program files, storage room, ECS Building.Object: File folder titled "Publicity -- Pre 1979."Observations: It appears that the Graduate Program in English had a publicity campaign c. 1979. Location: File cabinet with Grad Program files, storage room, ECS Building.Object: File folder titled "Publicity -- Pre 1979."Observations: 1) The label on the … Continue reading Found Object: 1979 Publicity

Alumni Spotlight: Dustin Vann

Dustin Vann (BA '16, MA '20) Generally speaking, the final semester of graduate school should be an exciting time in one’s academic career. Though there’s stillwork to be done — projects to defend; jobs and PhD programs to apply for — all that hard work will pay off. You’ll get to celebrate the end of … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Dustin Vann

Found Object: View from ECS

Location: From the English CS Building, looking towards Leasure Hall and Waters HallObject: Shadow and lightObservations: 1) The view from ECS today offers a welcome sight of blue sky along with sunlight and shadows. 2) The temperature outside is finally above 0 after several days in negative digits. 3) The temperature inside ECS is comfortable, … Continue reading Found Object: View from ECS

Disposition Awareness and Student Success

Kelsey Hixson-Bowles (BA '12, MA '14) An upside of all the downsides of the pandemic? Once we realized we could teach and tutor via Zoom, we also realized we could use Zoom to connect with some of our visiting writers, scholars, and alumni — even those in different time zones. The Writing Center staff invited … Continue reading Disposition Awareness and Student Success

How to Survive a Pandemic: Connection, Vulnerability, and Empathy

Video essay by Sariah Cheadle (MA '22) for ENGL 625 (Fall 2020) on "What an Eighteenth-Century Novel and The Big Bang Theory Taught Me About Surviving a Pandemic." For the final project in ENGL 625 “Eighteenth-Century British Women Writers” (Fall 2020), students were asked to devise an original topic pertaining to one or more of … Continue reading How to Survive a Pandemic: Connection, Vulnerability, and Empathy