Alumni Spotlight: Maggie Borders

Maggie Borders (MA '12, front row, second from the right) appears with K-State participants for the MKN McNair Heartland Research Conference (September 24-26, 2021, Kansas City, MO). Also included in the photo: Cheryl Rauh (MA '11) and English majors Bailey Britton (BA '22) and Thai Lopez (BA '22). "Better done than perfect." I don’t remember … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Maggie Borders

Alumni Connections, 2016 and 2021

Our panelists for the 2016 Alumni Connections career panel, left to right: Kent Glasscock (BA '76), Lisa Sisley (BA '92), Melia Fritch (MA '04), Ashley Brown (BA '09, MA '12), and Cheryl Rauh (MA '11) Since 2005, the English Department has hosted an alumni career panel to connect our current students with the expertise and … Continue reading Alumni Connections, 2016 and 2021

From Writing Center Visitor to Writing Center Developer

Title slide for the presentation by Shana Schmidt (MA '19) to the Writing Center staff (8 Oct 2021) On Friday, October 8, our Writing Center Staff, including tutors and administrators, enjoyed a visit from our tutor alum, Shana Schmidt (MA '19). As Stacia Gray, serving as Writing Center Director, puts it, "Shana's presentation sparked good … Continue reading From Writing Center Visitor to Writing Center Developer

Alumni Spotlight: Shaunte Montgomery

Shaunte Montgomery (MA '08) I was recently in yet another virtual professional development workshop, and if I am honest, I spent about 80% of my time listening in on what the presenter was saying, and the other 20% catching up on emails and putting out fires…I may be fibbing on the ratios, but you get … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Shaunte Montgomery

Alumni Spotlight: Steven Miller

Steven Miller (MA '15) "Late Have I Taught You" Whenever I told people I wanted to study English, they would invariably reply, “So you want to be a teacher.” I would laugh—ha!—and tell them I’d never be a teacher. I wanted to be a great novelist. Apparently, they knew more than I did. After a … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Steven Miller

Found Object: Letter to the M.A. Class of 2022

Location: The bulletin board in ECS 007, one of the large GTA office spaces. Object: Handwritten letter to the rising second-year grad students -- the M.A. class of 2022 -- from Katherine Dubke (MA '21). Observations: 1) Since March 2020 and the unusual and challenging months of remote teaching and learning, a few GTAs continued, … Continue reading Found Object: Letter to the M.A. Class of 2022

Alumni Spotlight: Corinne Matthews

Corinne Matthews (MA '17) “How about we start a podcast?” In the summer of 2020, Ayanni Cooper, a member of my Ph.D. cohort at the University of Florida, asked me this question. Like many other people, the early days of the pandemic left us feeling lonely and adrift. And, since research in the field of … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Corinne Matthews

ChLA Conference 2021

14 of the 17 faculty, graduate students, and alumni who presented at the 2021 Children's Literature Association (ChLA) Conference, 9-13 June 2021. The Children's Literature Association (ChLA) Conference looked a bit different for 2021, as Covid-19 continued to exercise its influence over professional events -- and so did our annual group photo of faculty, students, … Continue reading ChLA Conference 2021

Alumni Spotlight: Laine Nooney

From Denise Austin's Tone Up at the Terminals (c.1987-8), included in Laine Nooney's essay "How the Personal Computer Broke the Human Body" (Vice, 12 May 2021) "No single computer changed the world, but computer pain has changed us all": This week, as we wrap up a third consecutive semester experienced online more than in person, … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Laine Nooney

Found Object: Annual Awards Banquet, 2012

Location: Department digital files.Object: Photo of Dan Hornsby (BA '12), Katy Karlin, and Emi Griess (MA '12) at the English Department's Annual Awards Banquet (4 May 2012)Observations: 1) Usually, as April ends and May begins, we're getting ready to welcome students, families, faculty, and donors to our Awards Banquet. For a second year, though, COVID-19 … Continue reading Found Object: Annual Awards Banquet, 2012