Alumni Spotlight: Corinne Matthews

Corinne Matthews (MA '17) “How about we start a podcast?” In the summer of 2020, Ayanni Cooper, a member of my Ph.D. cohort at the University of Florida, asked me this question. Like many other people, the early days of the pandemic left us feeling lonely and adrift. And, since research in the field of … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Corinne Matthews

ChLA Conference 2021

14 of the 17 faculty, graduate students, and alumni who presented at the 2021 Children's Literature Association (ChLA) Conference, 9-13 June 2021. The Children's Literature Association (ChLA) Conference looked a bit different for 2021, as Covid-19 continued to exercise its influence over professional events -- and so did our annual group photo of faculty, students, … Continue reading ChLA Conference 2021

Congratulations to the B.A. Class of 2021

One of our English Department traditions is to share a graduation card with each graduating senior, signed by all of the faculty in the department. Since we couldn't offer that tribute this spring, as the coronavirus pandemic continues, we identified a faculty member to create a short video for each graduating senior to convey our … Continue reading Congratulations to the B.A. Class of 2021

Congratulations to the M.A. Class of 2021

Today is the graduate commencement ceremony for our 2021 M.A. grads. Since the coronavirus pandemic continues to limit in-person meetings, we offer this brief video celebration: Thanks to our graduate program assistant, Katherine Dubke, for her help editing the above video. Best wishes to the M.A. class of 2021! We look forward to meeting in … Continue reading Congratulations to the M.A. Class of 2021

Alumni Spotlight: Laine Nooney

From Denise Austin's Tone Up at the Terminals (c.1987-8), included in Laine Nooney's essay "How the Personal Computer Broke the Human Body" (Vice, 12 May 2021) "No single computer changed the world, but computer pain has changed us all": This week, as we wrap up a third consecutive semester experienced online more than in person, … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Laine Nooney

You Might Be a Linguist If…

The Linguistics Certificate at K-State is turning two!! We’re pretty proud of our inaugural certificate earners, many of whom are now going on to Masters degrees in fields like TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and speech pathology. Still, if you are like I was as an undergrad, you may not be entirely clear … Continue reading You Might Be a Linguist If…

Found Object: 2021 M.A. Writing Projects

Location: Social media.Object: Project Titles,  graduating M.A. students.Observations: 1) Each spring, for many years, we have displayed the Writing Project and Thesis titles of our graduating M.A. students at our annual spring Awards Banquet.  2) This year, like last year,  K-State's limited operations in response to COVID prompted us to develop an alternative: with the … Continue reading Found Object: 2021 M.A. Writing Projects

April 2021 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Cover for Sparked: George Floyd, Racism, and the Progressive Illusion (Minnesota Historical Society, 2021), where Thomas X. Sarmiento's work appears.   Each month during the academic year, we assemble a newsletter of the department's recent publications, presentations, announcements, and awards. As the second spring semester during COVID-19 comes to a close, we celebrate recent faculty … Continue reading April 2021 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity