Office Space: Dan Hoyt

image[5].jpegAll right, y’all, we’re taking our shelfie game up a notch. In this new, somewhat regular feature called Office Space (yes, that’s reference to the cult movie famous for “pieces of flair”), we’ll take you into the the native habitat of the English professor, the somewhat cluttered office, and give you a tour of objects one by one. In today’s post, we visit my home in Eisenhower Hall, you know that building with those clattering heat pipes. Here are some of my most treasured office artifacts and what I have to say about them. (Stay tuned for future editions of Office Space: Will Don Hedrick let us into his virtual cabinet of wonders? Will Karin Westman explain her unusual but apparently foolproof filing system? Stay tuned!)

image[3].jpegObject 1: “I took this photo in Bucharest, Romania, in the mid 2000s with a point and click disposable camera. I’ve lived and taught in Romania, and written about it a bit too.”

image[4]Object 2: “I’m pretty sure this Snoopy lunchbox is from first grade.”

image[2].jpegObject 3. “One of my former students gave me this Charles Dickens action figure. He sits on the shelf right above all of my Dickens books. (I’ve read all of Dickens’ novels. Please do read Little Dorrit.) This Dickens has never been out of his original  packaging, so I can’t vouch for whether or not you can really remove his hat.”

image[1].jpegObject 4: “This — hopefully this is obvious to people entering the room — is a stuffed squirrel. I offer him up with no comment, except that his name is Truman and he’s wearing a Mizzou scarf. (Yep, Missouri is my alma mater, and I have a degree from KU, too.)”

image.jpegObject 5: “This is the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer on the day after LeBron James decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat. This was an incredibly sad day for the Cleveland area (I taught at Baldwin-Wallace University back then), but this design — of LeBron walking off a nearly blank page — was the perfect way to portray the city’s heartbreak. I’m an NBA fan, and I was a former sports writer, copy editor, and page designer, so this combines lots of my interests. I mainly root for the Celtics and against LeBron, except when he’s standing up to make political statements or when he’s playing the Lakers.”

Dan Hoyt, Associate Professor

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