Office Space: Michele Janette

Office Space is a recurring feature that gives us an inside look into faculty workspaces. Professor Michele Janette is up this week.



1. About a decade ago, I went to the Cornell School for Theory, which Greg Eiselein dubbed “theory camp.” When I told my then-advisee (and now alumna and dear friend) Mickayla Fink I was going, she decided I must, then, have an appropriate camp canteen!



2. I’ve taught “Women in Lit” and “Women’s Studies,” and served for five years as the Women’s Studies Department Head. I also like depictions of interesting and strong women. The three goddess-ish women in the painting are a by local Kansas artist; I picked up the blue figurine in Laos. (I’ve travelled to Southeast Asia several times, in part because I work on Vietnamese American literature; in part because I love to travel.)



3. I have sometimes thought that not getting involved was an act of modesty or deference, but I saw this plaque at an art show in Wichita and its message rocked me to my core.



4. I built these bookshelves. I like to build things. And I like books. Perfect combo!



5. This was a gift from another student: Mawi Sonna, woman of many talents. She was taking my Asian American lit class at the same time as she was in an art class where they made woodprints, and I love the subtle reference here to the history of Japanese American forced incarceration during World War II (9066 was the Executive Order which authorized that particular injustice).

Michele Janette, Professor

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