Office Space: Carol Russell

Office Space is a recurring feature that gives us an inside look into faculty workspaces. Carol Russell, term instructor and professional advisor, has her office in ECS 023. She has been at K-State since 2000.



  1. This pen and ink drawing was done by my student, Catt Barnes, as a final project in my course on “The Short Story,” ENGL 253.  This scene is a depiction of the basement room from Ursula LeGuin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas.” I loved this sketch so much that I had it matted and framed.


2. I commissioned this painting of Jesus from Mayu Shono, after I had seen her paint a picture like this with glue in front of a live audience at a youth camp. As she was painting, I thought she was making a mountain scene.  Then as she finished, she reached into her painter’s smock and threw handfuls of purple and silver glitter onto the canvas.  It was amazing to see this face suddenly appear!


3. A friend of mine, Brie Campbell, made this wreath for me. She hand-made the flowers!  Framed by the wreath are my youngest daughter and me.  My daughter photo-bombed a picture my husband was taking of me as everyone else laughed. It is one of my favorite photos of the two of us!


4. I made both of these.  The Powercat is made of fabric decoupaged on a canvas painted black and then painted again with glue mixed with glitter.  I painted the state of Kansas on my 60th birthday (the one with KSU on it). My daughters and granddaughters painted along with me, making their own art. These paintings bring back beautiful memories of spending the afternoon with my girls, enjoying our time together.


5. In 2003, I taught at both the Salina and Manhattan campuses.  A secretary at the Salina campus made this Christmas tree to make extra money and I bought it from her. She glued pine cones together and painted them silver.  She embellished the tree with purple beads and ribbon.  I topped the tree with a snowman decked in purple and added lights.  It resides in my office every December.

Carol Russell, Instructor and Professional Advisor


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