Found Object: Spring Cleaning III

Location: Landscape on the south side of the ECS Building.
Object: Water pipe.
Observations: 1) After frequent delays due to extremes of weather during the past six months, the final piece of pipe is going into place to complete a multi-phased Facilities project near the ECS Building.  2) Who is happiest about this work occurring after so many delays: our K-State colleagues at Facilities Planning, the contractors with Central Mechanical, or the inhabitants of the ECS Building?


Location: East side of the ECS Building.
Object: New landscaping to buffer pedestrians from the new electrical boxes installed last year.
Observations: 1) The installation of the limestone pillars caused less reverberation than the demolition of the old Circle Drive on the East side of the ECS Building. 2) Our building’s curb appeal has definitely gone up!


As summer gets underway in earnest, we’ll have intermittent contributions to the blog. Watch for some updates during the weeks ahead, and we’ll be back with our twice-weekly posts when the semester resumes in August!

Karin Westman, Associate Professor and Department Head

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