Humanities Hotline with Mary Kohn

“The toll-free Humanities Hotline delivers interesting short stories anytime, day or night. It’s simple: Dial 1-888-416-2018 and choose from a menu of humanities highlights” (Humanities Kansas web site)

So much programming over the last year has focused on creating online events. These events have held communities together and even widened our networks in some cases.

Yet, many people are uncomfortable with technology, don’t have adequate internet resources, or simply are tired of turning on their devices.

I love that Humanities Kansas is thinking beyond the screen to create safe programming for Kansans.

The Humanities Hotline offers rotating micro-talks from experts around Kansas free of charge through an 888 phone number. My talk focuses on language change in Kansas, featuring heritage and contemporary recordings.

Looking at all the topics available this month, I might just choose to call up and learn more about unionizing in Kansas coal mines or key Latina figures from Kansas history instead of logging onto my social media accounts next time I need a quick edutainment fix.

Check out the complete list at their web site, and dial away!

Mary Kohn, Associate Professor and Director of the Chapman Center


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