Endings and Beginnings

Department of English Annual Awards Banquet, May 2010

At this time of year, when the end of the spring semester appears on the horizon, we start looking back as well as looking forward. Our Annual Awards Banquet each May offers one of those moments when we celebrate past accomplishments and share the excitement of those students who are graduating to the next step in their lives.

The photo above was taken at the Annual Awards Banquet in May 2010 and features then-graduating M.A. students Jennifer Lozano, Rebecca McCloud, Josh Pearson, Elizabeth Jett Williams, Kim Peek, Steven Tolson, and Patrice Farrell. For all of the problems with social media, it has kept us in touch with these and other alumni  in the years since graduation. We also enjoy their return visits to K-State’s campus, email updates, cards announcing life events, and conversations (some brief, some longer) at conferences and other venues across the country.

Congratulations once again to the seven alumni pictured here — and to all our former students!

Karin Westman, Associate Professor and Department Head


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