Found Object: Promotional Brochure

Location: Discovered between file folders of critical essays and inter-office mailing envelopes, shared by Associate Professor Emeritus Michael Donnelly.
Object: Promotional material for the Department of English, c. 1970?, front side.
Observations: 1) The complete absence of women and authors of color from the graphics and text is striking. 2) Perhaps British and American literature from several centuries provides elements of diversity? 3) No K-State purple? 4) “A college graduate with a degree in English” remains in “great demand” 40+ years on.


Object: Promotional material for the Department of English, c. 1970, reverse side.
Observations: 1) Women — thanks to Virginia Woolf and the Brontes — have authored contributions to English literature. We await news of contributions to American literature. 2) “Modern buildings and classrooms, many air conditioned” still describes some of the buildings where we teach. (Hello, Eisenhower Hall!) 3) “A growing library with exciting plans for the immediate future” applies once again. #HaleYeah 4) While our local zip code for the department has changed, our commitment to “outstanding faculty,” “a policy of maintaining small classes,” and a “friendly informality among students and faculty” has not.

Karin Westman, Department Head



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