2019 Farewell Reading

Farewell Reading 2019

Elizabeth Dodd, University Distinguished Professor of English, served as the host for tonight’s reading, having taught all five M.A. graduates.
Alyssa Cook (MA ’19) shared some of her fiction for younger readers.
Ryan Ellis (MA ’19) read one of his short stories inspired by the stream-of-consciousness style of his favorite author, Virginia Woolf.
Kat Goetting (MA ’19) shared fiction set on the other side featuring a beloved cat and a cameo of “What’s New Pussycat?” by Tom Jones.
Dan Haws (MA ’19) warns his audience that some piglets will encounter a painful fact of farm life in the pages that he’ll be reading from his Master’s Project.


Anna Meyer (MA ’19) reads from her poetry and from part of her novel-in-progress, set in Berlin.
Maddie Pospisil (MA ’19) reads poetry about the science and art of life, including a particle accelerator, a mouse problem, and a grandfather’s past.
Our thanks to The Dusty Bookshelf for providing a balcony for the reading….
… and congratulations to our 2019 M.A. graduates in Creative Writing!


Karin Westman, Associate Professor and Department Head


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