Found Object: Celebration for Jonathan Holden

Location: Digital archives. Object: Program for “A Celebration for Jonathan Holden” (6 April 2013). Observations: Seven years ago, in honor of his retirement, we celebrated the career of University Distinguished Professor and Kansas Poet Laureate Jonathan Holden with an afternoon of readings and reflections by colleagues and former students.


Location: Digital archives. Object: Photo from “A Celebration for Jonathan Holden” (6 April 2013), featuring alumni Derick Burelson (MA ’90), Greg German (BA ’85), Ed Skoog (BA ’93), fellow Kansas Poet Laureate Denise Lowe (2007-2009), Jonathan Holden, fellow Nebraska Poet Laureate Ted Kooser, and Michael Verschelden (BA ’09). Observations: 1) We were lucky to assemble such a wonderful group of poets to celebrate Jonathan Holden’s career. 2) Seven years has gone by quickly since this event in April 2013. 3) The current coronavirus pandemic offers a reminder to celebrate such networks of connection not just at the moment of retirement but also along the way.

Karin Westman, Department Head


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