Found Object: 2013 Writing Center Celebration

Location: Social media.
Object: Photo of the Writing Center’s end-of-year celebration for tutors and faculty, 12 May 2013.
Observations: 1) In a typical spring semester, now is the time for end-of-year parties to celebrate the conclusion of the academic year and the students who are graduating.  This year, given the novel coronavirus, we’re saying good-bye instead from the requisite 6 feet of social distancing and exchanging virtual hugs.  2) Looking at this photo — and seeing all the students who have, since 2013, earned Ph.D.s, secured jobs, started and changed careers, added children and partners to their lives, and more — serves as a reminder that we’ll have much to celebrate in the future as our current B.A. and M.A. graduates move to the next phase of their lives. 3) Congratulations to all of our 2020 graduates — and be sure to keep in touch, so we can support your endeavors in the years ahead!

Karin Westman, Department Head



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