Mask Up!

Monica Kopenhaver (MA ’21) and Amy Levin Plattner (MA ’21) with Biscuit

COVID-19 has brought many changes to our everyday lives this year, including a new accessory.

In support of K-State’s new policy regarding face coverings and the City of Manhattan’s mask requirement, here are some faculty and graduate students of the Kansas State English Department with their favorite masks.

Stay well!

Karin Westman, Associate Professor and Department Head

Michele Janette, Professor

Mary Kohn, Associate Professor and Chapman Center Director (mask credit: “Carrie Bishop, who has made over 160 masks during the pandemic”)

Phil Nel, University Distinguished Professor (mask credit: Resistance by Design)

Katie Cline (MA ’20), Instructor

Naomi Wood, Professor and Dir of Undergraduate Studies (mask credit: “My summer crafts: masks from old T-shirts.”)

Dean Hall, Associate Professor Emeritus (mask credit: Naomi Wood: “Dean’s is from a Winfield shirt”)

Tosha Sampson-Choma, Associate Professor

Krista Danielson (MA ’20), Instructor (mask credit: “Here I am in my oh-la-la-Paris mask.”)

Jacque Boucher, Instructor

Deborah Murray, Instructor (mask credit: Rooted in Manhattan, KS)

Karin Westman, Department Head (mask credit: Liberty of London)

Tanya Gonzalez, Professor

Abby Knoblauch, Associate Professor

Elizabeth Dodd, University Distinguished Professor

Tom Sarmiento, Assistant Professor (mask credit: “Here’s a photo from the first day of the semester (oh, so long ago).”)

Stacy Vars (MA ’21)

Melissa Wanklyn (MA ’08), Instructor

Gabrielle Coffey (MA ’22)

Monica Kopenhaver (MA ’21) and Amy Levin Plattner (MA ’21) with Biscuit

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