Our Thanks to Robin Mosher

Robin Mosher (right) with Deborah Murray (left) at the department’s Annual Awards Banquet ~ May 2011


Just as the Fall 2020 semester started, instructor Robin Mosher retired after almost 40 years teaching at Kansas State.

We wanted to take a moment, as the fall semester and calendar year end, to recognize Robin’s important contributions to her students, the department, the college, and the university. 

Without question, we will continue to benefit from Robin’s work in the years ahead as she enjoys a well-earned retirement.

Below is the official retirement citation honoring Robin’s contributions.

Thank you, Robin!

Karin Westman, Department Head

Arts and Sciences
Department of English
Robin A. Mosher

Robin A. Mosher retires in August 2020 after 39 years of service to Kansas State.

Robin earned her B.A. in English in 1975 from Washburn University, and her M.A. in English in 1983 from Kansas State with an emphasis in Creative Writing.

Robin’s extensive service to Kansas State began with her appointment as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (1980-1983) while completing her M.A. degree. Robin then joined the Department of English as a temporary instructor in 1983. In 1988, she was appointed to the position of Regularized Instructor, from which she now retires. During her appointment as Instructor, she also held positions as advisor/mentor for ENGL 805 “Practicum” and on the Expository Writing Committee (1988-2008), Assistant Director of Expository Writing (1995-1999), K-State First instructor (2008-2018), and on the All-University Career Fair Committee (2007-2017).

Though often modest and humble about her teaching successes, Robin has been a superlative instructor of writing and literature, earning acclaim from students and department colleagues as well as the College and the University. Whether assisting novice first-year students or seniors in expository writing and literature courses, pre-professional teachers and business students in advanced writing courses, graduate students in their Practicum course, or that whole range of students again in the Writing Center, Robin has guided students to their individual successes, tailoring instruction to help each achieve personal and professional growth. Throughout, she modeled for her students and for her colleagues exemplary intellectual curiosity, creativity, grit, empathy, compassion, life-long learning, and high standards for personal success.

Robin’s excellence in teaching was formally recognized several times during her career. She twice received the College of Arts and Sciences William L. Stamey Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching (1989, 1994) and the university’s Putting Students First Award (2011). An advocate of collaboration, she frequently co-authored and co-edited presentations, instructional materials, and lesson plans with department colleagues, especially fellow instructor Deborah Murray.

In addition to her service through teaching, Robin also served the department and Kansas State through her outreach. During her graduate career and as an instructor (1982-1990), Robin traveled extensively to high schools around the State of Kansas as a representative of the English Department’s Outreach Program, receiving praise from high school teachers and guidance counselors as well as department faculty. She has remained an informal recruiter and advocate for English throughout her career.

With gratitude, we recognize Robin’s significant contributions to the teaching of writing and literature, to advising and mentoring, and to the mission of Kansas State University.

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