Found Object: Spotlight on English, 2018

Location: Department digital archives
Object: Photo of Day 2 of “Spotlight on English: Outside the Book,” 26 April 2018
Observations: 1) Inspired by an event that Naomi Wood, Director of Undergraduate Studies, heard about at another university, in 2018 we hosted our first “Spotlight on English.” The two-day event showcased work in English for the department’s students and for the K-State community. Interactive stations around the Hemisphere Room in Hale Library featured individual poster presentations with undergraduate projects, internships, and study abroad experiences, as well as information about the Writing Center, library resources, and department programs and student organizations. Visitors could also participate in a Spotlight Scavenger Hunt, practice calligraphy, create poetry, play word games, and enjoy refreshments from Einstein’s and Varsity Donuts. This photo captures the energy of the event. 2) This photo also captures one of the last department events we hosted in the Hemisphere Room of Hale Library before the 2018 fire, which happened one month later. 3) We hosted a second “Spotlight on English” in March 2019 at the K-State Student Union, while Hale Library continued its recovery, and then, in March 2020… COVID pre-empted future offerings. 4) As we slowly return to in-person events, we look forward to featuring our undergraduate students and their great work — and to practicing calligraphy and creating poetry — next academic year!

— Karin Westman, Department Head

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