From the Archive: Undergrad Student Spotlight: Makaela Stevens

Makaela Stevens (BA ’22)

Since our blog debuted in 2017, we have published 300+ posts.  While some of you may have been with us from the start (thank you, loyal readers!), others may have joined us more recently.

So, we’re highlighting periodically some of the posts that have garnered a lot of views or that address topics of continuing interest in the current moment — posts that you may have missed or that you might want to revisit.

Today, in honor of our recent 2022 Alumni Connections panel, we are revisiting one of our most popular Undergraduate Student Spotlights: a post from 2020 by Makaela Stevens (BA ’22).

When Makaela first published her contribution, she was completing her junior year as part of the the LEAD Program, having decided early on that she wanted to attend KU Law School:

When people learn that I’m a member of the LEAD Program, they often ask me how I was able to plan so far in advance, and if I was certain that I wanted to be a lawyer. I was far from certain, but I knew two things: one, that adding the “Pre-Law” tag to my major did not require any specific classes or bind me to attending law school, and two, that I loved to read and write. As a Pre-Law and LEAD student, I could choose for my bachelor’s degree any area of study that interested me, so I chose English Literature.

Makaela is now completing her second year in law school at KU, and we can’t wait to see where her law degree will take her next!

Read more about Makaela’s pathway at K-State at Undergrad Student Spotlight: Makaela Stevens — and our thanks to Makaela for sharing her story with us!

Karin Westman, Department Head


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