Alumni Spotlight: Lisa Sisley

Lisa Sisley (BA ’92)

Congratulations to Lisa Sisley (BA ’92) on her retirement this month from New Boston Creative Group!

As the New Boston team announced last month, “Nearly 17 years ago, Lisa Sisley helped found New Boston Creative Group LLC with Kristin Brighton and Susan Religa. Since then, Lisa has served our community, helped clients shine, molded employees into better people and left her mark on the Manhattan area and beyond. We can’t think of anyone who deserves a happy, relaxing retirement more!

Earlier today, Deborah Murray and I joined the New Boston Creative Group as they celebrated Lisa’s contributions, and we enjoyed conversation with Lisa, Kristin (BA ’97, MA ’99), and many others as we captured the photo above.

We’re grateful for Lisa’s support of our work in English at Kansas State over the past years, and we can’t wait to hear about her next adventures — and we look forward to her return engagement for a future Alumni Connections event.

Happy retirement, Lisa!

Karin Westman, Department Head


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