Found Object: SAGE Colloquium, Fall 2010 and Fall 2020

Location: File folder of past department event flyers, ECS 108.
Object: Flyer for the SAGE Colloquium, Fall 2010.
Observations: 1) For the past 20+ years, the final event in our department’s Fall Colloquium series offers the stage to our M.A. students for a panel session organized by SAGE. 2) SAGE — the short-hand name for our graduate student organization, the Student Association of Graduates of English — puts out the Call for Papers, reviews the abstracts submitted, and selects the presenters. In December 2010, the presenters were Zach Powell (MA ’12), Caitlin Garzi (MA ’12), and Sara Austin (MA ’11). 3) One of the pleasures of the SAGE Colloquium is the reminder that, though we ask grad students to select a Track for their English degree, grad students from all of our Tracks are eligible to present — sometimes representing the primary area of their academic program (Caitlin on a topic connected to Composition and Rhetoric, Sara on a topic connected to Children’s Literature) and sometimes an adjacent area of interest (Zach, with his primary area of Creative Writing, on contemporary literature).

Location: Online.
Object: Flyer for the SAGE Colloquium, Fall 2020.
Observations: 1) Ten years later, we’re getting ready for the Fall 2020 SAGE Colloquium, which will once again showcase the range of scholarly interests of our M.A. students across several Tracks: Hannah Rollison (MA ’22, Cultural Studies), Mary Hoffman-Cook (MA ’22, Composition and Rhetoric), Spencer Young (MA ’22, Creative Writing), and Monica Kopenhaver (MA ’21, Literature). 2) We’ve upped our visual design for event flyers since 2010, thanks to online platforms! 3) We’re looking forward to these presentations tomorrow afternoon — and you can register to join us at

Karin Westman, Associate Professor and Department Head

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