Found Object: Annual Awards Banquet, 2012

Location: Department digital files.
Object: Photo of Dan Hornsby (BA ’12), Katy Karlin, and Emi Griess (MA ’12) at the English Department’s Annual Awards Banquet (4 May 2012)
Observations: 1) Usually, as April ends and May begins, we’re getting ready to welcome students, families, faculty, and donors to our Awards Banquet. For a second year, though, COVID-19 has preempted this annual gathering and our chance to recognize the success of students and colleagues and to welcome the end of the academic year. 2) This photo, taken near the end of that evening in 2012, captures the celebratory mood of the event — especially after all the awards have been distributed and everyone can relax. 3) Our photographers for the 2012 Awards Banquet were Ryan Bruce (MA ’13) and Zach Powell (MA ’12), who stepped in to assist at the last minute and who provided us with some really great photos like the one above. (Check out the full album, including photos of Tim Dayton and Jim Machor who are retiring this spring.) 4) Back in May 2012, as we celebrated their success at K-State, they were getting ready to graduate. Now, in 2021, Dan Hornsby has published a critically-acclaimed first novel, and Emi Griess continues her work in communications for a humane society. 5) Even though we won’t be able to celebrate our 2021 award recipients in person this May, we wish them much success with the end of the semester — and we look forward to hearing their news in the months ahead!

Karin Westman, Associate Professor and Department Head

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