From the Archive: Taylor Swift’s evermore (Emily Dickinson’s Version)

Hailee Steinfeld as Emily Dickinson (left) and Ella Hunt as Sue Gilbert (right) in Dickinson (image: Apple TV+)

Since our blog debuted in 2017, we have published 300+ posts.  While some of you may have been with us from the start (thank you, loyal readers!), others may have joined us more recently.

So, we’re highlighting periodically some of the posts that have garnered a lot of views or that address topics of continuing interest in the current moment — posts that you may have missed or that you might want to revisit.

Today, we offer a recent addition from earlier this year, and one that has acquired hundreds of readers during the past months: “Taylor Swift’s evermore (Emily Dickinson’s Version)” by Riley O’Mearns (MA ’23).

Since writing the post, Riley has completed her first year in the M.A. program with a specialization in Creative Writing, and she is aiming for graduation in May 2023.

As Riley’s original post explains, Taylor Swift’s “most important lyrical work in evermore, though, may be her references to one famous — and often misunderstood — poet“: Emily Dickinson.

Read more at Taylor Swift’s evermore (Emily Dickinson’s Version) — and our thanks to Riley for this contribution which continues to have resonance and find readers!

Karin Westman, Department Head


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