Summer Relocations I

The summer of 2018 brought an event that some faculty in English had thought might never happen: the opportunity to relocate into one building. Since the demolition of Denison Hall in 2005 and our removal to the first and basement floors of a partially-renovated Lafene the previous year, the English Department has remained stretched between … Continue reading Summer Relocations I


As our colleagues at K-State Libraries assess the damage following Tuesday's fire, here are some #tbt moments featuring Hale Library and K-State English during the past two years. We're looking forward to future collaborations -- including helping with the clean-up ahead!                   — Karin Westman, Associate Professor … Continue reading #HaleYes

Spring Celebrations

The end of the spring semester brings celebrations of various kinds. As we get ready for our 2018 Annual Awards Banquet this weekend, enjoy a look back to May 2013, when Writing Center faculty and tutors celebrated the end of the academic year. Best wishes to all of our students — especially those who are graduating … Continue reading Spring Celebrations

Endings and Beginnings

At this time of year, when the end of the spring semester appears on the horizon, we start looking back as well as looking forward. Our Annual Awards Banquet each May offers one of those moments when we celebrate past accomplishments and share the excitement of those students who are graduating to the next step … Continue reading Endings and Beginnings

Teaching with Technology through the Years

Office discoveries, as Dr. Michael Donnelly, Emeritus Associate Professor, cleaned out his office after 45 years of service to K-State. (Photo: August 7, 2017) Can you identify all of the technologies in the photo above? Have you taught with one or more of them? While assisting Emeritus Associate Professor Michael Donnelly this summer, as he … Continue reading Teaching with Technology through the Years