Shelfie Thursday: Abby Knoblauch

When students come to my office, they often scan my bookshelves while I read through their drafts. I wonder what impression they’re forming from the titles they read? What words repeat? Gender. Feminist. Rhetoric. Language. Teaching. Composition. Body and Bodies. Students in my “Advanced Expository Writing for Prospective Teachers” classes would recognize the books on … Continue reading Shelfie Thursday: Abby Knoblauch

Shelfie Thursday: Kimball Smith

  Books may furnish a room, but it’s the shelves that provide the key to happiness. Where books give you all the intensive pleasures of reading and analysis, bookshelves offer the calmer joys of meditation and reflection. Let your eyes drift over the titles, the play of colors, the passing moments of nostalgia or recollection … Continue reading Shelfie Thursday: Kimball Smith

Shelfie Thursday: Anne Phillips

  On these shelves, you will find some of the books I teach in my courses on children's and adolescent literature, including Brian Selznick's The Invention of Hugo Cabret (which I am teaching in ENGL 698 "Film Adaptations of Children's Classics" this semester). You will also find recently published books for children and young adults that I … Continue reading Shelfie Thursday: Anne Phillips