February 2021 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Cover for A History of American Literature and Culture of the First World War (Cambridge UP, 2021), co-edited by Tim Dayton.

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As COVID-19 continues, we continue to direct substantial energies towards teaching and to supporting others during the pandemic. We also celebrate recent faculty and student success in research, scholarship, and creative activity.

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Karin Westman, Department Head


Tolu Daniel (MA ’22), “In Search of Beauty: Essay.” Olongo Africa 17 Feb. 2021: https://olongoafrica.com/in-search-of-beauty/

Tim Dayton and Mark Van Wienen, eds., A History of American Literature and Culture of the First World War. Cambridge UP, 2021.

“Poetry.” A History of American Literature and Culture of the First World War, co-edited by Tim Dayton and Mark Van Wienen. Cambridge UP, 2021, pp. 23-38.  

Phillip Marzluf and Simon Wickhamsmith, eds., Socialist and Post-Socialist Mongolia: Nation, Identity, and Culture. Routledge, 2021. 

“D. Natsagdorj, Mongolian Travel Writing, and Ideas about National Identity.” Socialist and Post-Socialist Mongolia: Nation, Identity, and Culture, edited by Simon Wickhamsmith and Phillip Marzluf, Routledge, 2021, pp. 43-58.

Tom Sarmiento, “Glee (2009–2015).” Race in American Television: Voices and Visions that Shaped a Nation, edited by David J. Leonard and Stephanie Troutman Robbins, Greenwood, 2021, pp. 247–49.

“To Return to St. Louis: Reading the Intimacies of the Heartland of US Empire through ‘The Dogeater.’” Rethinking Gendered Citizenship: Intimacy, Sovereignty, and Empire, special issue of Amerasia Journal, December 2020, pp. 1–18.

Han Yu, Mind Thief: The Story of Alzheimer’s. Columbia UP, 2021.

“Can an Active Lifestyle Help Ward Off Alzhiemier’s?” Wall Street Journal. 27 Feb. 2021. 


Traci Brimhall, readings from Come Slumberless to the Land of Nod:

  • University of Southern Alabama, 4 Mar. 2021.
  • Des Moines Area Community College Literary Festival, 3 Mar. 2021.

“Fierce Lineage: Women Poets of Copper Canyon” (panelist), Association of Writers and Writing Programs, 4 Mar. 2021.

Elizabeth Dodd hosted the inaugural event of the Terrain.org Reading Series, 22 February 2020, via Zoom. The event was sponsored with Michael Donnelly Faculty Award funding. 

Alyssa Freeman-Moser (MA ’21), reading of short story “The Bugman,” Meetinghouse Reading Series, Dartmouth English Department. 3 Mar. 2021.

Amy Levin Plattner (MA ’21), “‘Interfacing’ the Center:  Exploring the Use of Equitable Visual Rhetoric for Multilingual Writers on WCOnline.” Midwest Writing Centers Association Conference, 25-26 Feb. 2021.


Cody Skahan (Film Studies Certificate ‘21) and Jillian Dunlay (BA ‘23) received $250 scholarships for the Live Ideas Spring Institute, and Kristin Chaney (English minor ‘22), Bailey Britton (BA ‘21), and Thai Lopez (BA ‘22) received $1,000 Swogger/McNair Scholarship scholarships. All scholarships were sponsored by the Primary Text Certificate Program.


Mary Kohn shared her research on the ways Kansas dialects have shifted over the years for the Humanities Kansas Hotline: https://www.humanitieskansas.org/grants-programs/initiatives/humanities-hotline.

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