From Gendered Blood to Magical Silver: Student Symposium on Asian American Lit

Michele Janette’s ENGL 680 “Asian American Literature” class (May 2023)

You know how it is: you have these great conversations, read these fabulous books, discover these new ideas, and write this great paper, and only your professor sees it before it vanishes into last year’s folder on your laptop, or into the inaccessible corners of Canvas.
As an alternative to that end-of-term vanishing point, students in this semester’s ENGL 680 “Asian American Literature” class shared their work with each other and an assortment of friends and colleagues in a three-day symposium.
Topics ranged from representations of Asian Americans in games and children’s books, to commodification of people and language, to the queering of time.
See below for the full range of the 22 presentations.
A great way to end the semester!
Michele Janette, Professor












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