October 2019 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Poetry by Luisa Muradyan appears in the current issue of The Missouri Review (42.3, 2019)

As promised in the posts from September and last month, here’s our next installment of faculty, student, and alumni achievements in research, scholarship, and creative activity.

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Karin Westman, Department Head


Traci Brimhall, “Aubade with a Confederacy of Daisies” and “Ode to Oxytocin at a Distance” (poems). The Southeast Review 37.2 (2019): 9-10.

“Intimacy: A Bestiary” (essay). Fourth Genre 21.2 (2019): 15-24.

Jim Machor and Amy Blair, “Editors’ Introduction,” Reception: Texts, Readers, Audiences, History 11 (2019): 1-3.

Luisa Muradyan, “The Joke,” “Midnight Blue,” “My Favorite Youtube Channel,” “Chandelier,” and “Faith” (poems). The Missouri Review 42.3 (2019): 83-88.

“Shop Talk: Two People, One Conversation” (interview). The New Territory 8 (2019): 14-19.

Philip Nel, “Trump Is a Liar. Tell Children the Truth.” Public Books. 15 Oct. 2019. <https://www.publicbooks.org/trump-is-a-liar-tell-children-the-truth/>

Jason Teal, “Swamp Angel” and “The Bleeding Well” (stories). Coffin Bell Journal 2.4 (Oct. 2019). <https://coffinbell.com/the-bleeding-well/> and <https://coffinbell.com/swamp-angel/>.


Traci Brimhall and Vilune Sestokaite (MA ’20), “M.F.A. and M.A. Programs: Are They Right for You?” Nimrod Writers Conference. Tulsa, OK. 19 Oct. 2019.

Elizabeth Dodd, “Outliers.” Conference on the Sowell Collection. Lubbock, TX. 11 Oct. 2019

Gregory Eiselein, “Using Data and Embracing Change to Improve Student Success.” One IT Engage Conference. Kansas State University. 29 Oct. 2019.

Mary Kohn and Lynsey Akin (BA ’20), “The Promise of a Free State: A Study of Archival Recordings of Rural African American Language in Kansas.” NWAV 48: New Ways of Analyzing Language Variation. Eugene, OR. 11 Oct. 2019.

Wendy Matlock, “Boundaries of Performance: Robin Hood as Revolutionary Rebel and as Gentry Authority.” Medieval Association of the Midwest’s 35th Annual Conference. Greeley, Colorado. 4 Oct. 2019

Kasif Rahman (MA ’20), “Eli Thayer’s ‘Rousing Lecture’: Changing the Rhetorical Climate of the American West.” Western Literature Association Conference. Estes Park, CO. 20 Sept. 2019.

Courtney Thompson (MA ’20), “Women Write the West: Emma Willard’s Gendered American History.” Western Literature Association Conference. Estes Park, CO. 20 Sept. 2019.

Stephanie Wallace (MA ’20), “Thinking Orange in the American West.” Western Literature Association Conference. Estes Park, CO. 20 Sept. 2019.

Karin Westman, “The Paratextual Condition of Modernist Children’s Literature.” Seminar: “Modernist Paratext.” Modernist Studies Association Conference. Toronto, Canada. 18 Oct. 2019.


Katie Cline (MA ’20) has won Kansas State University’s Graduate Student Council (GSC) Award for Graduate Student Teaching Excellence.

News from Alumni

Jim Hohenbary (MA ‘95) published Before the Ruins (Blueberry Lane Books, 2019), a novel.


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