Winter 2019-2020 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

An essay by Elizabeth Dodd appears in the current issue of The Iowa Review (49.3, Winter 2019/20)

As promised in the posts from last September, October, November, and December, here’s our next installment of faculty, student, and alumni achievements in research, scholarship, and creative activity.

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Karin Westman, Department Head



Traci Brimhall, “Archival Voyeur: Searching for the Lost Poems of Amelia Earhart” (essay). New England Review, vol. 40, no. 4, Winter, 2019, pp. 105-115.

Contender” (poem). Ploughshares vol. 45, no. 4, Winter, 2019-20, pp. 32-33.

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Philip Nel, “A Manifesto for Radical Children’s Literature (and an Argument Against Radical Aesthetics).” Barnboken: tidskrift för barnlitteraturforskning/Journal of Children’s Literature Research, vol. 42, 2019, pp. 1-25.

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Tanya González, Katherine Karlin, Tosha Sampson-Choma, and Lisa Tatonetti, “Poetry is Not a Luxury: Authors as Activists, Writing as Resistance.” KSUnite Program. 6 Nov. 2019.

Tosha Sampson-Choma, “From Devastation to Redemptive Love: Recognizing Dysfunction and Resilience in The Color Purple.” McCain Conversations. 22 Jan. 2020.

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Lisa Tatonetti, “A Generous Spirit: Reflections on the Legacy of Mohawk Writer Beth Brant.” National Women’s Studies Association. San Francisco, CA. 17 Nov. 2019.



Traci Brimhall won the 2019 KSBN Faculty/Staff Award.

Molly Burt (MA ’20), Katherine Dubke (MA ’21), Dustin Vann (MA ’20) received Arts and Sciences Research Travel Awards.

Cecelia Pick Gomez (B.A. English ’20, B.S. Education ’20), Riley Griffin (BA ‘20), Peyton Warner (BA ’20), and Natalie Wolf (BA ’20 English and Modern Languages) received Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Awards. Cecelia and Riley will work with Michele Janette, and Peyton and Natalie will work with Mary Kohn.


Featured in Media

Greg Eiselein and Anne Phillips were interviewed about Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women:

“Why Do We Keep Remaking Little Women?” Deseret News 24 Dec 2019:

“‘Little Women’: A Modern Take on the March Sisters” Christian Science Monitor 19 Dec 2019:






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