Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth Schroll

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them that I play with words. My official title at the human-scale publishing company where I work is copy editor, but I’ve had authors refer to me as a fairy godmother, a wizard, a savant. The thing is, this isn’t about me. Any … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth Schroll

Alumni Spotlight: Dustin Vann

I approached my latest job search with more calm and practicality than even I thought I could muster. Unlike previous searches, where the stakes were higher to find a job due to the end of a lease or a global pandemic, this time around, I wanted to have more of a plan. I enjoyed my … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Dustin Vann

Alumni Spotlight: Lisa Sisley

Congratulations to Lisa Sisley (BA ’92) on her retirement this month from New Boston Creative Group! As the New Boston team announced last month, “Nearly 17 years ago, Lisa Sisley helped found New Boston Creative Group LLC with Kristin Brighton and Susan Religa. Since then, Lisa has served our community, helped clients shine, molded employees … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Lisa Sisley

Alumni Spotlight: Dene Dryden

Why I Stuck with English When Journalism Became My Calling When I started my K-State experience in 2016, I was excited to see what career path I would eventually end up on while earning my English degree. I made the decision to study English well before I applied to attend K-State, and I had to … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Dene Dryden

Alumni Spotlight: Kase Johnstun

Kase Johnstun‘s recent novel, Let the Wild Grasses Grow (Torrey House Press, 2022), has already received a number of accolades: The Women’s National Book Association (WNBA) has selected it for its 2022 Great Group Reads, it’s a finalist for the High Plains Books Award 2022 (we find out on Saturday if it has won), it’s … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Kase Johnstun

Alumni Spotlight: Alana McGough

Long before I entered the English M.A. program at K-State, I carried around many thoughts about meaning and purpose. Having grown up in a small town with a large farming family and a deeply rooted church, I couldn’t imagine going through life thinking that most things didn’t matter. I was also a grammar nerd. So…maybe … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Alana McGough

Alumni Spotlight: Julie Hensley

When I drove west from the Shenandoah Valley to Manhattan, Kansas for the first time, I remember stopping to pump gas on the West Virginia Turnpike at the base of a mountain that felt so much larger and more dramatic than the misty blue ones I had left behind. Just across the road, the landscape … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Julie Hensley

Alumni Spotlight: Francesca Royster

For the past six years, I’ve been working on a book on Black Country Music performers and fans. I stumbled on the topic chatting with my father about his time as a session musician in Nashville in the 1970’s. (Dad — Philip Royster — taught in English and Ethnic Studies at Kansas State from 1981-1987.) … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Francesca Royster

Alumni Spotlight: Anita Mihelic

If you would have told me in 2005 that 15+ years later I would be working at a construction data and software company, I probably would have backed away slowly and found the nearest exit. And yet, here I am! You did predict the future, and I was wrong for doubting you. I’m sorry. While … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Anita Mihelic