How I Spent My Summer: Part 1

Editors' note: We asked some English Department faculty members to share one, or some, of their summer adventures — academic or otherwise. Here's Part 1 (of 2), answering the age-old essay prompt: "How did you spend your summer vacation?"   There are two things my 4-year-old miniature Schnauzer Dates does well. One is barking at … Continue reading How I Spent My Summer: Part 1

Digital Mitford: The Mary Russell Mitford Archive

  There’s a popular British TV quiz show called Pointless. Contestants win by coming up with answers to general knowledge questions that no one else thought of (or at least not the hundred random people interviewed by BBC television researchers). If asked to name a nineteenth-century woman writer, I’m pretty sure I could win a … Continue reading Digital Mitford: The Mary Russell Mitford Archive

Summer Relocations II

The relocation of Counseling Services to Sunset Avenue not only prompted discoveries in offices long-occupied by English Department faculty in Eisenhower Hall and Leasure Hall, as documented in last week's post. The move also made visible original features of the building known first as the Student Health Center and then as Lafene until, in 2004, … Continue reading Summer Relocations II

Summer Relocations I

The summer of 2018 brought an event that some faculty in English had thought might never happen: the opportunity to relocate into one building. Since the demolition of Denison Hall in 2005 and our removal to the first and basement floors of a partially-renovated Lafene the previous year, the English Department has remained stretched between … Continue reading Summer Relocations I

Meet the New Grad Students

They've made it (almost) though their first week of grad school at Kansas State, so please meet and welcome and maybe even buy a drink for our new group of English graduate students --   Name: Katie Cline Hometown: Jacksonville, Alabama Alma mater: Jacksonville State University Area of study: Children’s Literature Please tell us something … Continue reading Meet the New Grad Students

Teaching Literature Online

"One thing I learned from teaching on-line this past spring: Build the entire course before the term begins": This week, we feature a blog post from faculty member Phil Nel who takes his readers behind the scenes as he creates an online version of ENGL 545 "Literature for Adolescents" for Fall 2018. The English Department at … Continue reading Teaching Literature Online