Endings and Beginnings

At this time of year, when the end of the spring semester appears on the horizon, we start looking back as well as looking forward. Our Annual Awards Banquet each May offers one of those moments when we celebrate past accomplishments and share the excitement of those students who are graduating to the next step … Continue reading Endings and Beginnings

Office Space: Michele Janette

Office Space is a recurring feature that gives us an inside look into faculty workspaces. Professor Michele Janette is up this week.   1. About a decade ago, I went to the Cornell School for Theory, which Greg Eiselein dubbed “theory camp.” When I told my then-advisee (and now alumna and dear friend) Mickayla Fink … Continue reading Office Space: Michele Janette

Touchstone Literary Magazine Offers New Issue, Digital Archives

Touchstone enjoyed a rebirth this year. Almost a year ago, I decided that I’d put my extra semester of graduate school to use and thrust the magazine into the lit-mag world with new gusto. In the ever-digitizing world of literature, our first two goals were to establish an online presence at touchstonekstate.org and to archive digital … Continue reading Touchstone Literary Magazine Offers New Issue, Digital Archives

How to Celebrate National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month began in 1996 through the Academy of American Poets. In their own words, “it has become the largest literary celebration in the world with schools, publishers, libraries, booksellers, and poets celebrating poetry’s vital place in our culture.” Here are 30 ways you can celebrate National Poetry Month here in Manhattan, KS, starting … Continue reading How to Celebrate National Poetry Month

Complicated Conversations

On Wednesday, March 14, more than 50 people gathered in Union 227 to share perspectives on recent news stories concerning the author Sherman Alexie, such as the one published with NPR on social media, such as the one by Deborah Miranda. Faculty, staff, administrators, and students from across Kansas State University, as well as local … Continue reading Complicated Conversations

Grad Student Spotlight: Cat Williams

  Growing up, the only constant in my life was school. As an introverted impoverished kid, I was definitely easy to overlook. However, time and time again, teachers would turn towards me and offer a kind word, a gesture of compassion, or opportunities for hope. From elementary school and through my undergraduate studies, phenomenal educators … Continue reading Grad Student Spotlight: Cat Williams

Unlearning Linguistic Trauma: Identifying Broken Perceptions in the Composition Classroom

“They call it broken language but we say broken to who? — Dye Scott-Rhodan One Sunday after church, my Aunt Peach was wearing a new dress and my mama said, “Peach! Girl, that dress is bad!” My eyes widened as I squeezed her hand and said, “Mama!” I was about six years old and quickly … Continue reading Unlearning Linguistic Trauma: Identifying Broken Perceptions in the Composition Classroom