Undergrad Student Spotlight: Kinsley Searles

Kinsley Searles (BA '23) Ask anyone who has studied English to tell you their worst nightmare, and it will probably go along the lines of this: “what are you going to do with an English degree?” This question has plagued me, and many others, throughout my time in college. With the responses we get, you … Continue reading Undergrad Student Spotlight: Kinsley Searles

October 2020 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Cover for The Political Fiction of Ward Just (2020) by Dave Smit, Professor Emeritus     Each month during the academic year, we assemble a newsletter of the department's recent publications, presentations, announcements, and awards. As COVID-19 continues, we continue to direct substantial energies towards teaching fall courses and to supporting others during the pandemic. … Continue reading October 2020 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Grad Student Spotlight: Caitlin Hymans

Caitlin Hymans (MA '21) We all know the tale of the evil queen or wicked stepmother displacing a heroine’s true or deceased mother, which leads the heroine to challenge the surrogate mother-figure. This tension has always been present in fairy tales, yet scholars have only begun investigating the implications of these relationships, which appear frequently … Continue reading Grad Student Spotlight: Caitlin Hymans

Alumni Connections, 2013 and 2020

Our panelists for the 2013 Alumni Connections career panel, left to right: Jimbo Ivy (BA '10), Toni Tadolini (MA '07), Sarah Caldwell Hancock (BA '94, MA '96), Michelle Haupt (BA '93), and Alyssa Dawson (MA '10) Since 2005, the English Department has hosted an alumni career panel to connect our current students with the expertise … Continue reading Alumni Connections, 2013 and 2020

Found Object: ECS Autumn Quotes

Location: ECS 119B, ECS Building.Object: White board on the door to the custodial storage area in ECS.Observations: For the past few weeks, when walking through our department mailroom in ECS 119, I've noticed an autumn-themed quote on the door to our custodial storage area. Every day or so, a new quote appears. Location: ECS 119B, … Continue reading Found Object: ECS Autumn Quotes

Halloween Horror: The Tell-Tale Heart

Image Credit: Goodreads ENGL 251 "Introduction to Literature" students usually are not English majors; they have backgrounds in everything from architecture to physics, psychology to dietetics. Adaptation assignments, which create new art from course texts, allow students to hone reading skills via talents developed in other contexts. Taylor's project below supports her literary analysis of … Continue reading Halloween Horror: The Tell-Tale Heart

Undergrad Student Spotlight: Makaela Stevens

Makaela Stevens (BA '22) If you’d asked me back in 2015 where I’d be in five years, I might have told you that I’d be attending Kansas State University, and I would’ve been correct. I might have told you that I’d be an English major, and I would’ve been right again. But if you’d asked … Continue reading Undergrad Student Spotlight: Makaela Stevens