Remembering Richard Pitts

Ask almost anyone in Manhattan and they’ll tell you a story about Richard Pitts. They might tell you about how his Wonder Workshop — a museum/day camp/afterschool hangout — instilled in some child a love of learning. Or they’ll tell you about his tours of the Underground Railroad and Kansas’s abolitionist history. They might have … Continue reading Remembering Richard Pitts

2019-2020 Annual Awards

This evening -- Friday, May 1, 2020 -- should have found us at the Alumni Center for dinner, conversation, and celebration. We always look forward to recognizing our award winners at our Annual Awards Banquet. However, due to this year's outbreak of Covid-19 and the university's restrictions on events, we are not able to hold … Continue reading 2019-2020 Annual Awards

Poetry Reading: Good Bones

  For the last day of National Poetry Month, we offer a collaborative reading of Maggie Smith's "Good Bones" from her collection Good Bones, published by Tupelo Press. Be sure to watch until the end -- and thanks to Dan Hoyt for orchestrating the reading and the appearance by our special guest. Enjoy! — Karin … Continue reading Poetry Reading: Good Bones

Alumni Spotlight: Jarrod McCartney

If someone would have told me when I graduated from Red Cloud High School in Red Cloud, NE (pop. 1020) in 1998 that the 40 year-old version of me would be working in my hometown, I would have been dismayed. “What catastrophe could possibly have happened to put me in such a situation?” is what … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Jarrod McCartney

Grad Student Spotlight: Rachael Cox

  While many of our graduate students serve as Graduate Teaching Assistants and complete the M.A. degree full-time, others continue to pursue their current jobs while also taking graduate courses. Rachael Cox (M.A. '21) is one of several high school teachers who pursue the M.A. in English in order to enrich their personal and professional … Continue reading Grad Student Spotlight: Rachael Cox

Undergrad Student Spotlight: Molly James

  “I dreamt of water again last night.” When I first wrote that sentence in Dan Hoyt’s English 771 novel writing class, I wasn’t expecting it to sprout into a project that would lead to an independent study. In fact, when I first started The River Within Us, the novel’s current working title, I only … Continue reading Undergrad Student Spotlight: Molly James

Alumni Spotlight: Sea Sharp

  Like so many in my graduating class, when I graduated from Kansas State University in 2010, the very first thing I decided to do with my life was “get the heck outta Dodge." Unlike the majority of my college peers though, I moved to Manhattan, Kansas when I was twelve years old, so naturally … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Sea Sharp

March 2020 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

As we continue to teach remotely in response to the spread of Covid-19, we offer a look at recent faculty, student, and alumni achievements in research, scholarship, and creative activity. Want to catch up on past successes or to find future announcements? Visit our archive of monthly newsletters Reading Matters, as well as posts from … Continue reading March 2020 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity