Found Object: View from ECS

Location: From the English CS Building, looking towards Seaton Hall and Regnier HallObject: Snow DayObservations: 1) Campus was closed today in anticipation of snow, which did indeed arrive as predicted. 2) By afternoon, the 5-6 inches of snow had settled, and the landscape had acquired new contours, leaving visible only the tops of the emerging … Continue reading Found Object: View from ECS

February 2022 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Image from Anuja Madan's article “‘I Am Not an Animal’: Vikram Balagopal’s Psychologization of Hanuman in Simian” in the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics (2022) showing Hanuman reconfigured as a gelada baboon.   Each month during the academic year, we assemble a newsletter of the department's recent publications, presentations, announcements, and awards. As we … Continue reading February 2022 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Alumni Spotlight: Anita Mihelic

Anita Mihelic (MA '07, right) with Edgar Mihelic (MA '21, left), December 2021 in the English Department Main Office. If you would have told me in 2005 that 15+ years later I would be working at a construction data and software company, I probably would have backed away slowly and found the nearest exit. And … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Anita Mihelic

Paperback Pandemonium 2022; or, The English Major’s March Madness

You thought March Madness was just for basketball? Well, think again! There is nothing better than discussing your favorite book with friends! However, these conversations can lead down a competitive path. What better way to defend your favorite book than to vote in a book tournament? This March, the Alpha Theta Eta chapter of Sigma … Continue reading Paperback Pandemonium 2022; or, The English Major’s March Madness

Undergrad Student Spotlight: Alexander Hurla

Alexander Hurla (BA '22) Back in 2014 when I graduated from high school (which is somehow getting further and further away!), I joined the Marine Corps, in part to give myself four extra years to determine what I wanted to do with my life. Well, nearly eight years later I found myself entering my senior … Continue reading Undergrad Student Spotlight: Alexander Hurla

#Shakespeare After Shakespeare

On Friday, February 18th, the Literature Track hosted a pre-show event in conjunction with the Manhattan Arts Center’s production of The Book of Will. First staged in 2018 and written by Laurie Gunderson, The Book of Will shows how friendship, not scholarship, motivated Shakespeare’s actor-friends to gather all his plays into a single collection seven … Continue reading #Shakespeare After Shakespeare

Found Object: 2nd Annual Rock and Roll Reading Poster, 2015

Location: English Department Twitter feed, 6 April 2015. Object: Poster for the 2nd Annual Rock & Roll Reading at #AWP15. Observations: 1) Since 2014, the English Department -- at the suggestion of Professor Dan Hoyt -- has been hosting an off-site reading in conjunction with the annual AWP Conference. 2) In the months leading up … Continue reading Found Object: 2nd Annual Rock and Roll Reading Poster, 2015

Alumni Spotlight: Jill Clingan

Jill Clingan (MA '03) “Stories matter. Teaching Language Arts is important because we make sense of our world through story—both by reading the stories of others and narrating our own.” I said these words to a group of enthusiastic teachers in Brazil in 2018 where I was helping lead an educational conference with my Mizzou … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Jill Clingan